If you are looking for the perfect bridal gift, or a treat for yourself, Unveiling Weddings is it. It's your girlfriends' guide that supports the bride from "Yes" to "I Do!"

The book will entertain you with stories and insight into the emotional hurdles as well as family dramas that are often hidden from the public eye. Although Unveiling Weddings is written in a fun and sassy manner, don't be fooled. The words can be life-changing.

These two seasoned psychotherapists understand that a wedding is a rare opportunity to get the most out of your life and your engagement. Whether it is staying connected to your fiancé, negotiating dessert choices with your mom, or pulling off the wedding day of your dreams, Unveiling Weddings will guide you through it.

While the authors invite the reader to do everything from finding her inner Bridal Buddha to dealing with rude and ridiculous members of the bridal party, the bridal tell-all stories will make you laugh, cry and feel at ease. Sit back and enjoy!

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"At last a book for brides-to-be that is not a “how-to” book with lists and objectives but a “how to be” book with loving guidelines and great bride stories. Each chapter encourages a bride to maintain her sense of self in the midst of chaotic wedding planning. Readers, whether they are brides or not, will be inspired by the inner calm beautifully portrayed by the concept of a becoming a Buddha Bride rather than the Bride of Bridezilla. Every member of the party, the bride, the groom, their friends, her mother, and, especially, her future mother-in-law should read Unveiling Weddings."

-- Ann Caron, Ed.D., Author of Mothers and Daughters: Searching for New Connections

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