Unveiling Weddings Co-Author Biographies

Tasha Jackson Fitzgerald, MA

Ms. Jackson Fitzgerald currently works in private practice as a marriage and family therapist in San Francisco. She has received her undergraduate degree from the University of San Diego and Master's degree from John F. Kennedy University. Prior to private practice, she has worked in a wide range of community mental health agencies.

In addition to co-authoring Unveiling Weddings, she has been published in various trade journals and is a guest speaker.

Whenever possible, she volunteers her mental health services to non-profits-via direct services or consultation.

Instead of trying to fit a client into a theory, she integrate different techniques to meet their client's individual needs. She has been trained under both traditional and more modern progressive theories. Ms. Jackson feels that Unveiling Weddings is a wonderful combination of many theories put together with the ancient therapy of story telling. She resides with her husband and two children in the San Francisco bay area.

Tasha Jackson Fitzgerald on Writing Unveiling Weddings together as co-authors:

"Unveiling Weddings started when Rebecca I got together to network. She introduced me to the idea of a self-help book for brides. A few months later, as we got to know each other more and she asked if I wanted to co-author it with her. I respected her as a therapist but didn't really see this topic as "need".

After our first brainstorming session, I understood what she was talking about. An engagement brings up a time when even the most confident woman can be filled with self-doubt, working with family members closer than you normal would, trying to build a solid the foundation for a marriage and a time for great reflection. It's a time when our culture want a women do handle it all, yet of course, have a smile on their faces and make everyone else happy. If not, you will be called names like "Bridezilla". Then, I got it, and the book began to transform from that point forward.

Two of my favorite things from writing this book is my friendship that developed with Rebecca as well as the positive letters, emails and responses from readers of Unveiling Weddings. So many woman have told it has gave them a voice, wished they had read it before their first marriage or just made feel more comforted through their whole engagement. Every time I hear these types of sentiments, it touches me and makes all the effort to put this book together worthwhile."

-- Tasha Jackson Fitzgerald, MA.


Rebecca Sacerdoti, PhD

Inspiration to write Unveiling Weddings came to co-author Dr. Sacerdoti through her work as a prominent clinical psychologist in San Francisco, Calif. In working with brides-to-be during their wedding engagement periods, she saw first-hand the whirlwind and intensity of emotions experienced by most women and how that time can be extremely positive for one's self-growth, when given the right tools. Both in her private practice and personally, Rebecca has seen women seriously struggle when unsupported during their engagements, during what is perceived to be an "ideal" time in their lives.

She sees psychotherapy as an opportunity to build inner balance, strength, and clarity in the face of the challenges that times of transition invite and brings those resources into her co-authoring of Unveiling Weddings.

She also incorporates reflections from her own marriage preparation, which brought a roller coaster of emotions. She felt the subtle cultural and social expectations illuminated in every bridal magazine and felt apathetic to the wedding planning experience not horrible, but not elated either. As a mental health professional, who makes a living by helping individuals navigate their way through major life challenges, she was struck by how difficult it was for herself to stay calm, and clear during her engagement.

Dr. Sacerdoti received her Doctorate of Psychology at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto and has been a guest speaker at numerous events including presentations for the Family and Children Services of Palo Alto, Ovarian Cancer National Alliance Conference, along with various workshop and group presentations. She is a member of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists and the National Center for Equine Facilitated Therapy, which provides therapy for children with various genetic and neurological disorders. As Cancer is another major life transition that women struggle with she is fascinated by the rich opportunities this experience offers women for greater growth and understanding. With this interest she has published a few scientific articles on meditation and the sexuality/body image of gynecological cancer survivors. Her latest article coming out early next year in the Journal of Professional Psychology is titled, Sacerdoti, R. C., Lagana, L. & Koopman, C. "Altered Sexuality and Body Image after Gynecological Cancer Treatment: How Can Psychologists Help?"

Rebecca Sacerdoti on Writing Unveiling Weddings together as co-authors:

"When Tasha and I first met we talked about my work with brides and how the emotions and behaviors triggered by the whole wedding process are huge and often mystifying. We decided that we wanted to write a book that would support women through this important rites of passage by providing them stories and psychological insight so they could get the most of the their engagement. We wanted to write something that would normalize and illuminate a bride's thoughts and feelings helping her to reframe as well as reclaim her experience within a larger context.

That fall we drafted an outline and began to write. That December Tasha got engaged and we did not stop writing until she got married that summer. That spring was a very exciting time: meeting each week as Tasha planned her wedding and we wrote chapter after chapter. As we wrote the book, we grew very close and we became life incredible friends. Tasha asked me to be one of her bridesmaids. After all the writing we had done on the subject, supporting her on her wedding day was an amazing feeling."

-- Rebecca Sacerdoti, PHD

Favorite Story: "I love the lemon cake story. Lauren was in her residency at a prestigious hospital and did not have time to plan her wedding so she let her mom plan the whole thing huge white dress, tent, large guest list, fancy everything. Lauren's mom had been dreaming of her wedding day since Lauren was a little girl. Lauren's only request was to have a lemon cake and she was totally disappointed when her mother chose a white cake with raspberry filling instead. Here Lauren was able to navigate difficult situations at the hospital every day and she could not even get her favorite cake at her own wedding. A few weeks before her wedding her friends threw her a mini shower and surprised her with a lemon cake. I love this story because it demonstrates the complexities of the wedding process. Even the most capable of women struggle to get what they want in the midst of family dynamics."



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